• When my mind starts playing tricks on me and I feel like I’m quite literally dying (thank you Anxiety for this gift, so generous of you), I try to do at least one of these things:
🌊 Go to water (the beach, shower, bath, anything, even watering the garden helps)
🛌 Burrow into bed and read or watch a show (decidedly not Handmaid’s Tale at this time, nothankyou) and cuddle my cats
🏃🏻‍♀️ Exercise (I know I know, but it works)
💬 Talk. Tell someone I’m feeling anxious, and hear out loud the things that my panic is trying to convince me to believe. 
But sometimes these don’t help. And I just sit with it and hope it will pass soon. I’ve become more comfortable with this sitting, mainly because often I don’t have a choice. But also because the older I get the more I realise it’s going to be ok. And I’m not alone in this. And neither are you.
〰️ If you’re comfortable sharing, I’d love to hear the ways you help yourself when you’re feeling anxious #anxiety #mentalhealthawareness
  • Sometimes you just need a little bit of sunshine in print form. Hope you all have a sunny weekend ahead 🌻
  • A camouflage Fin keeping me company while I hang out the washing 🍂
  • I can practically smell the sea spray 🌞
This is from the summer just past in Sydney, not long before we packed up and moved back north. 
There’s something romantic about film, probably the way it hauls you back to a moment months, even a year, ago when that finished roll of film is finally developed. Like nostalgia concentrated and memory cemented. Does that even make sense?
  • Apparently you can train cats to sit, lie down and shake hands... anyone had any luck? 🤭
  • Found this speckled vase at a market last year and it’s been empty until now. I reckon it would be pretty happy with its new friends ✨
  • Nature speaks in early morning blue light and golden evening hues, the way the tide breathes fresh clear water and life into creeks, the tiny spheres of sand crabs leave on the beach, the produce ripening on a tree, kissing the sun.
  • Grateful for this golden hour R+R ✨
  • Light dances ✨
  • This planet of ours is truly something.
  • Queen bee in our new home. It always takes a while for a place to really feel like home, but we’re getting there. 
What brought on that feeling for you after a move? Getting plants maybe, finally getting rid of all those moving boxes, hanging your prints? ✨
  • All the worlds we traverse throughout our lifetime by reading words is magic.

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