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  • The @anicornwatches @the_trio_of_time Redundant Watch designed by @Ji_Lee_ has a design that combines 12 miniature clock faces into one singular expression of time to remind you that every minute and hour counts. \\\
  • Lolly-Laputan is a fairytale land children’s cafe designed by @wutopialab_sh that parents will enjoy too. The creative playland includes Cloudy Town with an undulating series of acrylic, cloud-like panels, along with tree houses, slides, a hidden ball pit, and a carousel for kids to enjoy. \\\ See more of the magical space on!
  • Pulling their inspiration from traditional #furniture shapes, @kleinagency recently launched an addition to their collection that features 10 bespoke pieces custom-made for L.A. restaurants auburn and Bon Temps. The idea being that if you love that #chair you’re sitting in at dinner you can pick up your phone and order your own. \\\
  • @hyunjee_jung’s textile + leather #wallart collages look like optical illusions. 👀
  • Before you get to your gate at @heathrow_airport, check out @vanessabarragao_work’s  Botanical Tapestry #installation (in partnership with @kewgardens) which took more than 520 hours to weave!
  • @emmanuellemoureaux’s colorful #installation never fails to leave our jaws on the floor. 😦 🌈  This one is titled “Universe of Words.”

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